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Tarantula Awareness Festival

Join us on Saturday, October 28, 2023 for our Annual Tarantula Festival

October is tarantula mating season. You know the weather is cooling down when you see these gentle creatures emerge to find a mate before returning to their burrows for the winter. Tarantulas are an important part of our ecosystem so please make sure to be careful to avoid them as they slowly cross the road.


The lifecycle of all spiders is the same, from the tiny jumping spider to the largest tarantula. They go through three stages of development: egg, spiderling, and adult. Though the specifics of each stage differ between species, they are all extremely similar. Spider mating rituals differ, and males must approach females with caution or risk being mistaken for prey. Many male spiders die even after mating, despite the fact that the female is self-sufficient and will care for her eggs on her own. Despite popular belief, most female spiders do not consume their partners.

While you are in Coarsegold, don’t forget to pick up the Welcoming Committee’s Nugget Trading Card, Coarsegold’s own California Ebony Tarantula.  

Nugget Trading Card

Free Nugget Trading card

You only need two cards for a chance to win the Yosemite Adventure contest. Click here to visit the VYMC website for more details.

2023 Tarantula Festival
Join us at the 2023 Tarantula Festival!